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8th – 20th September 2014

We look forward to showing you our impressive haul of calligraphy and painting from this recently neglected field of endeavour, which includes more than its fair share of special works; some famous, others unheard-of. Copies of the exhibition’s very beautiful book will arrive in New York, logistics permitting, by the 8th; it is worth studying quietly, before, during and after the event. The 49 works of art include a few paintings and a large teapot, but essentially the focus is on calligraphy, most of it - though varied enough - in hanging scroll format. We will go to some lengths to ensure that the display is relatively spare, on the principle of “less is more”; calligraphies not on display will be shown upon request. We also plan to bring related non-exhibition works.

Professor Steve Addiss has contributed a very fine essay, as well as a few memorable stars from his own collection, last shown in his 1978 Ōbaku exhibition and publication. Patricia Graham has contributed a comprehensive essay on Ōbaku and sencha (the Chinese-style steeped tea ceremony, effectively introduced to Japan by early immigrant Chinese monks); and Paul Moss adds a more personal introduction, setting out his ideas of what Chinese calligraphy in Japan in the seventeenth century was all about. The hardback book comprises 240 pages, with 121 colour illustrations, a seals appendix and so forth. Its state-of-the-art presentation is such that even non-enthusiasts will begin to get an appreciative clue of what the powerful dynamics and modulated subtleties of old Chinese-Japanese calligraphy entail.


Daily 10am – 5pm
Closed Sunday 14th September
Alexandre Gallery
Fuller Building 13th floor
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY
Tel: 212 755 3217

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