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Kokusai The Genius and Stag-antler carving in Japan

From May 2016 Sydney L. Moss Ltd. will be celebrating the great Meiji carver Kokusai with the largest ever exhibition of his works including netsuke, pipe cases, sceptres, and more. For context we display many precursors to his work in the form of seals and other early carvings in stag-antler and other materials. We also show other works made in homage to the master and the work of his many successful followers including Masayuki, Rensai, Hakusai, Tokoku, and many others all the way to the great early twentieth century stag-antler carver Oshin.

More than 550 pieces will be on display, with over a third available for sale, until at least the seventh of June.

Earlier Event: March 10
Later Event: May 6
London Netsuke Convention 2016