six-fold tea screen, after Shirai

After Shirai (or Tatebayashi) Kagei (fl. circa 1740-1750)

Mid 19th century

Width overall: 183 cm.

A six-fold Japanese tea screen, originally one of a pair, painted on a silver mica ground in ink and colours with eighteen of the thirty-six poets.

Kagei (or Kakei) was an obscure Rimpa painter who rarely signed his work, a pupil of Ogata Kenzan who followed Korin stylistically. Sherman E. Lee in his "Japanese Decorative Style" observes of an other 36 poets painting that: "Certain astringent colours, notably a peculiar orange, a mossy green, and tart pink, seem to confirm the attribution of this screen to Kagei when we compare it with a signed screen with chrysanthemums and snowy hill."