Monkey Obihasami, Masayuki


Tokyo, mid to late 19th century.

Height: 12.6 cm.

Anne Hull Grundy, Hampshire, by repute

London Netsuke Committee, “Contrasting Styles”, 1980, no. 50, p. 24.

 “Netsuke, Inro und andere Sagemono”, Köln, p. 93, no. J/10.

Private collection, Milan

Sydney L. Moss Ltd., “More Things in Heaven and Earth”, 2006, no. 78.       

June Schuerch, Santa Barbara CA

Sydney L. Moss Ltd., “Kokusai The Genius (vol. III)”, 2016, no. 409.

A stag-antler obi-hasami netsuke carved as an extremely humorous and suggestive standing long-legged monkey wearing a silly hat and a far too knowing expression. A square reserve joining his knees is engraved with the seal signature, legible from the reverse: Masayuki.