Snail and reishi (i), kokusai


Tokyo, mid to late 19th century, circa 1860s - 1880s.

Length: 4.3 cm. (1 11/16 in.)    

Rosemary Bandini, “Shishi and Other Netsuke”, 1999, no. 190.

Harriet Szechenyi-Bodmer, Zürich and St-Rémy-de-Provence                          

Sydney L. Moss Ltd., “Kokusai The Genius”, 2016, no. 86.

A stag-antler netsuke of a snail crawling at a diagonal angle onto the head of a reishi fungus on its stem, its two antenna- end “eyes” inlaid in copper-bronze.

Square sunken relief seal at the base of the stem: Koku.