This Single Feather of Auspicious Light

Old Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Year: 2010

£ 1,650

Sydney L. Moss Ltd. is extremely pleased - and relieved - to announce the publication, at long last, of Paul Moss’ six year project, “This Single Feather of Auspicious Light”. It is by far the largest, densest art dealer’s catalogue ever, weighing in at 28 kg or 62 lbs, including protective packaging. The reason for its extraordinary, ambitious scale is that every small and medium-sized work of old Chinese painting and calligraphy is illustrated lifesize and, in the case of at least more important handscrolls, in the format in which they were created. For large hanging scrolls we have been obliged to fall back on the time-honoured approach of blown-up detail photographs; but almost without exception handscrolls, albums and fans are reproduced to actual scale and are virtually perfect for colour and tone. That is why it has taken so long and ends up so big.