We are devoted to literati Chinese arts - painting, calligraphy and objects in "the scholar's taste" - and to the Japanese art forms most beloved of serious collectors; painting and calligraphy, netsuke, lacquer, inrō and other sagemono, tea ceremony utensils and sword furniture. Our focus is on the refined sensibilities of "special" works of applied and fine art; not only those which reflect the advanced civilization of ancient China or Old Japan, but the creations of an individual artistic personality making something original.

The above categories of Chinese and Japanese art are discussed and illustrated in-depth in our many densely researched catalogues. Although they are serious reference works, they have been conceived to be both visual entertainment and helpful introductory guides.

Sydney L. Moss, Ltd., is one of the longest-lived family-owned Asian art dealerships in the Western world, certainly the longest in London. The gallery was founded in 1910 by Sydney L. Moss, grandfather of the present director, Paul Moss. Paul’s son Oliver Moss is currently preparing to take the reins, with the help of Japanese specialist Finn Daley Roberts and office manager Ashley Gallant. Further support comes from Georgia Leach, a budding Chinese art specialist, and Hortense Marandet. The gallery also continues its association with one of the more legendary London dealers, Douglas J. K. Wright.

This website can offer only a glimpse into the range of our specialist areas, and we recommend that if you have an interest which coincides with ours you obtain our relevant catalogues and, better still, visit our Queen street gallery in London's West End.